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This website for arkatec/kim anderson aia is under renovation. We have determined that this period of retrenchment in the construction and architecture industries is an ideal time for us to redesign our website. Just as our homes need renovation or even replacement as the requirements of our lives change over time, so do architecture practices and the way we represent them.

We also realize that, in this economic atmosphere, because architecture and building firms are fiercely competing for available client dollars, it is the best time to find bargains for these services. So, please visit this site again to note our progress, and meanwhile, call us to begin to realize your home dreams!

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arkatec/kim anderson AIA

Kim Anderson has provided residential architecture and design services for North Carolina clients for nearly twenty years. Prior to 1991, he provided design and construction documentation as an intern architect, residential designer, and Vice President for Design for a regional development and new home builder corporation. He also has more than eight years of field experience in the construction trades.

Kim’s design philosophy does not hinge on a specific architectural style, design era, or functional or technological preconception. And because he has built homes designed by others, and has seen the real joy that can result from a project thoughtfully designed, well-constructed, and well executed by a team of designer, contractor, and owner, he is firmly committed to designing the home that the client envisions, rather than one that is inflexibly defined by his own ego. He has the experience to advise and lead his clients through the design and building maze toward the realization of their own dreams.

Kim Anderson AIA, Principal
Office: (919) 933-2606 | Cell: (919) 621-7260